USDA: $ 1.6bn Covid-19 aid for pig industry


The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced a $ 19 billion relief programme to help US farmers cope with the impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). In total about $ 1.6 billion is intended to be spent on pig production.


“American agriculture has been hard-hit, like most of America, with the coronavirus, and president Trump is standing with our farmers and all Americans to make sure that we all get through this national emergency,” agriculture secretary Sonny Perdue said at a news conference.

农业部长桑尼·珀杜(Sonny Perdue)在新闻发布会上说:“像美国大部分地区一样,冠状病毒使美国农业遭受重创,特朗普总统与我们的农民和所有美国人站在一起,以确保我们都度过了这场国家紧急状态。”

The US Department of Agriculture money is divided as follows:


  • $ 16 billion will be made available in direct payments to farmers and ranchers. Of this amount, $ 9.6 million will go to the livestock industry, of which $ 1.6 billion is intended for hogs;将直接向农民和牧场主支付160亿美元。其中960万美元将用于畜牧业,其中16亿美元将用于养猪业;
  • $ 3 billion will be made available through purchases of agriculture products, including meat, dairy and produce to support producers and provide food to those in need. Millions in the US face unemployment with much of the economy shut down.将通过购买农产品(包括肉,奶和农产品)提供30亿美元,以支持生产者向需要的人提供食物。美国大部分人口面临失业,大部分经济关闭。

Struggling to get goods to market努力将商品推向市场

Long lines have formed at US food banks in recent weeks. According to news agency Reuters, farmers and ranchers have struggled to get their goods to market because of disruption caused by the pandemic, forcing some to throw out food and call for government help. Ag secretary Perdue said, “Having to dump milk or plow under vegetables ready to market is not only financially distressing but it’s heartbreaking as well for those that produce them.” He promised that direct payments would be sent ‘as quickly as possible’ as farm commodity producers have experienced ‘unprecedented losses’. He hoped checks could be sent by the end of May.最近几周,美国食品银行排起了长队。据路透社报道,由于大流行造成的破坏,农民和牧场主一直难以将商品推向市场,迫使一些人扔掉食物并要求政府帮助。农业部长珀杜(Perdue)说:“必须在准备出售的蔬菜下倾倒牛奶或犁头,不仅在财务上令人不快,而且对生产这些的人也令人心碎。”他承诺,由于农产品生产者遭受了“空前的损失”,直接付款将“尽快”发送。他希望可以在五月底之前寄出支票。

Outbreak on a meat plant in Minnesota明尼苏达州一家肉类厂爆发疫情

In the meantime, cases of Covid-19 have been found with employees of a JBS processing plant in Worthington, MN, United States. In total 19 people of the total of 2,000 employees were found infected. Sick employees have been confirmed in other processing plants throughout the country as well. In Sioux Falls, SD, a Smithfield plant had to be temporarily closed because of the Covid-19 outbreak.同时,在美国明尼苏达州沃辛顿的JBS加工厂的雇员中发现了Covid-19病例。在2,000名员工中,共有19人被感染。病态的雇员也已在全国其他加工厂得到证实。在南卡罗来纳州苏福尔斯市,由于Covid-19爆发,史密斯菲尔德的一家工厂不得不暂时关闭。

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